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Welcome to Buffey Bourassa Consulting (BBC): Unlocking Your Potential with Exceptional Advice.

Experience the power of enhanced relationships and communication through Buffey Bourassa Consulting - where trust, respect, and shared responsibility are the foundation.

How can Buffey Bourassa Consulting help my organization?

Buffey Bourassa Consulting can provide valuable insight into traditional Indigenous knowledge and help your organization create meaningful, reciprocal relationships with the land, spirit, and the wider community. Our consulting services are dedicated to preserving traditional knowledge for future generations and ensuring a sustainable future for all. 

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My Story

Buffey Wright Bourassa opens the line of communication between community based organizations, local governments, schools, nonprofit organizations, Tribal organizations and Tribal governments developing and strengthening relationships. With over 13 years in both public and Tribal sectors, Buffey has experience in Tribal engagement consultation, capacity development, strategic implementation, and collaboration.


She is a member of the Sherwood Valley Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians and has ancestral ties to the Little River Pomo, Wiyot, and Pinoleville Pomo. She is currently serving as the Tribal Secretary on Sherwood Valley Tribal Council and is an active member of the Willits Rotary Club.


BBC is an Indigenous, women-owned business with over 13 years of experience in the local government and Tribal government sectors. Services include Consulting, Facilitation and Workshops to help our clients achieve their goals. BBC is an experienced professional, equipped to provide innovative solutions and effective strategies.



BBC creates unique opportunities for their clients to explore an Indigenous lens and how that can shape your company’s current culture through outreach to Mendocino County tribal nations, bands, and organizations. 



Meetings are a big investment in time and human resources. BBC is mindful of the need to balance meeting objectives with participants feeling they have been part of an inclusive exercise. BBC is engaging and experienced. 



When seeking to build out new ideas or make decisions BBC creates spaces to manage relationships and social dynamics within your team, board, and community. By utilizing individual assessment tools and activities, BBC helps you develop options and offers training in an enhanced form of communication that emphasizes trust, respect, and shared responsibility.

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